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              You are here: Home > About us > Company Values

              Company Values

              Innovated in China
              Focused on women health


              We strive to bring innovative solutions to solve the unmet needs in women's health market. We are committed to our customers by providing high quality product and service. Our mission is to become tomorrow's market leader in IVD industry for women's health.


              Attogen is committed to conducting business by core values:
              ? Strictly abiding laws and regulations
              ? Striving for highest quality
              ? Honoring innovation and honesty
              ? Providing strong service to our customers
              Attogen is a "people first" company, we put tremendous efforts in team building. We encourage creative-thinking, honor each person's hard work and team collaboration.
              Attogen employees dare to meet new challenges, setting high standards in our products and service. Our goal is to reach the excellency leadership for tomorrow's China IVD market.

              The company provides a safe, healthy and stimulating working environment for our employees. We treat everyone with respect, team support and friendship. Company makes best efforts to provide our people with educational and learning opportunities for career advancements. We also practice and promote diligence, transparency and trust in business ethics.

              Attogen's team takes pride and responsibility in being good citizens. Our employees are encouraged to participate in local charity and social events, and make contributions to the greater society.

              Attogen strives to make our own contribution toward the grand goal of 'Healthy China'. We work intelligently and tirelessly to bring innovative technology and products to the health market. 

              Our ultimate goal is to take the diagnostics to the next level for preventive medicine.
              We believe that our contribution can reduce cancer rates in Chinese women and improve the quality of lives for our patients.



              218 Xinghu Street, BioBay B3-401

              Suzhou Industrial Park

              China (Zip Code 215123)

              Hotline: 400-828-7399

              FAX: (86)0512-62863009

              Driving Directions

              Route 1:
              (Coming from Shanghai-Nanjing Highway)

              Take off Shanghai-Nanjing Highway at Suzhou Industrial Park and go straight onto Xiandai Avenue (現代大道)
              Turn left at Xinghu Street(星湖街), drive south
              Turn left at Chuangyuan Road (創苑路)
              The destination B3 is on the Right.

              Route 2:
              (Coming from Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway)

              Drive from A9 to A30, get on Suhu Highway
              Get off at Chefang(車坊) exit, keep west
              Turn right to Su Tong Li (蘇同黎) Highway
              Turn left to Dongfang(東方大道) Avenue
              Turn right onto Xinghu Street(星湖街), drive north
              Turn right to Chuangyuan Road(創苑路) B3 Building is on Right.

              Route 3:
              (Coming from Suzhou railway station)

              Get on North-Loop Expressway till East-Loop highway bridge
              Turn left and go south to Dushu Lake (獨墅湖)Avenue, and turn left go through Dushu Lake (獨墅湖)tunnel
              Turn right at the Xinghu (星湖街) Street exit
              keep going south and then turn left at Chuangyuan(創苑路) Road B3 building is on the right.

              Bus Routes

              Take bus 128/146/156/166/177, get off at "BioBay"


              Take No.2 Train, get off "Yue Liang Wan"

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