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              We welcome talent, diligent work, and team spirit. We welcome individuals who have leadership quality and motivation for success to join us.
              Join AttoBio, be a part of something special.
              We invite you to send your resume to Human Resources mailbox "hr@www.baoji-autoshow.com ".
              Current position openings are listed below.
              If you do not find a suitable position for you from our current openings, please send your resume to HR mailbox for listing in the AttoBio Talent Database.
              We will contact you if a suitable position becomes available.

              • Sales Specialists (multiple openings)


                1. Bachelor degree or above in Medicine, or Biology.

                2. 2+ years sales experience in IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics). Candidates with market resources in hospitals or distribution channels are preferred.

                3. Good work ethic and reliable. Committed to achieving high standards, pays close attention to details, always puts customers first.

                4. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. We value team players.

                5. Proficient in common computer skills such as Microsoft Office. Demonstrates strong writing skills.

                Job Responsibilities:

                1. Product sales including developing new customer bases and achieving market expansion. Continue improving upon relations and services with existing customers. 

                2. Contribute to overall sales goals, executing company's sales plans.

                3. Provide support to distribution channels on market education.

                4. Update market reports and customer feedback on company's products.

              Resume Submit

              If you are interested in pursuing your career with Attogen, please send your resume to hr@www.baoji-autoshow.com, we will process your application and contact you if there is a good match.

              Resume Submit
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